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Fixing Foundation 5’s Unrecognized Expression Syntax Error


I was working on a new marketplace theme in Magento, and I kept getting a peculiar javascript error message. The exact error message that you might receive could vary - but the one I got was:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [data-'Times New Roman'-dropdown]

Huh? What? But it was the version of Jquery (2.1.1) that I was using that was causing this error. After some poking around (i.e. disabling everything and re-enabling every js file piece by piece), I discovered that the source of this issue is from Foundation's internal namespace.  If you set the namespace to be blank before you activate Foundation, the error goes away. = '';

By setting the Foundation's global namespace to be blank, Foundation won't attempt to set it. I'm not sure why I got this error but doing this allowed me to keep working and hopefully you too.


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  1. Legit. So glad I found this. My error was slightly different but this fixed it. Many thanks.

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