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JQuery is the best javascript library out there

I officially declare JQuery to be the best javascript library out there. So much documentation, so many plugins, so many interesting things you can DO with that library. I just lost 7-8 hours, implementing a prototype of a feature for my discussion site, Apparatus Complex. In particular it's a meta-game that I'm developing so that users can compete with each other in a role-playing gameĀ  while they wait for the site to update itself with content from other people.

So I had a crazy idea of using jquery and ajax to let people drag and drop equipment into slots, and then dynamically update what that piece of equipment would do to their statistics. Doing this in flash is really easy, I first got the drag and drop implemented (so easy with the Jquery UI), then I set the restrictions on which column each orb could belong in, and then I added the automatic update of the statistics just moments later. It was simply brilliant and it was pretty darn efficient. If you want to play around with this, it's located right here. The equipment orbs are generated randomly and so are the names.

By the way, MooTools and Prototype and Scriptalicious are okay as well. I'm just really impressed with JQuery right now.