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Middleware is your friend

There's nothing wrong with reinventing the wheel. In fact, sometimes that's the best way to learn how something works. But if you just want to get something done, middleware is your best answer. Here is some that I personally recommend.

Blogging Software

WordPress - With thousands of plugins and full customization, why would you install anything else? Perhaps if you're the kind of person that sits around wearing black turtle necks and hates something because it's popular. But you're not one of those kind of people? Right? Expression Engine isn't bad either - but you pay for that kind of quality.

3d Engines

Ogre for C++, Python, and C#. A great 3d engine that my friend and I are using to create our games. Ogre has a great community, with a very helpful wiki to get newbies started. However, some of it assumes that you know a little bit about 3d graphics before the intermediate ones seem to be truly helpful.

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