Fixing Polyglot.transformPhrase expects argument #1 to be string in react-admin

Photo by Soly Moses from Pexels:
Photo by Soly Moses from Pexels:

What does transformPhrase even mean?

So sometimes when I’m trying to save a form in react-admin I see this really annoying error:

Uncaught TypeError: Polyglot.transformPhrase expects argument #1 to be string

    <ReferenceInput label="Organization" allowEmpty source="organization_id" reference="organizations">
        <SelectInput optionText="name"/>

The reason why this happens is because the translateChoice option on most inputs is set to true by default, so it tries to find non-existent keys in the I18nProvider.

The fix

So what you need to do is to set it to be false:

<ReferenceInput label="Organization" allowEmpty source="organization_id" reference="organizations">
    <SelectInput optionText="name" translateChoice={false} />

What if I want to turn of all translations for react-admin

Sometimes, this doesn’t fix the issue and you’ll need to recreate the I18nProvider yourself to allow missing keys for things it can’t find to translate:

import polyglotI18nProvider from "ra-i18n-polyglot"; // Install this package
import engMessages from "ra-language-english"; // Install this package

const App = () => {
    const i18nProvider = polyglotI18nProvider((locale) => engMessages, "en", {
        allowMissing: true,
        onMissingKey: (key, _, __) => key,

    return (

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