No more updates to Google Notebook

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One of the only Google app (apart from Gmail) that I use the most Google Notebook will have no more updates. Before I signed up to Google I used to keep all of the websites that I thought were useful in my bookmarks and that became really messy really quickly. Also with the useful firefox extension I can now just right click and add to notebook if I ever run across a website that I want to return to later.

Google notebook isn’t perfect. I just wish they would continue making it a better product. But now that I think about it, Google is an company that makes most of it’s revenue selling advertisements online (that I hardly see due to AdBlock) and I don’t see how they could’ve made their Notebook app a profitable endeavor. I know that I wouldn’t pay for a “pro” version, and that their ads  would be GreaseMonkey‘d out or plain ignored – all I want is a list of bookmarks not solicitations!

Now I’m going to search online for other alternatives to replace and to transfer all of my bookmarks to. I’m looking at delicious right now – I just don’t like sharing my bookmarks with the world too much. But maybe I’ll let it go once I get my lifestream properly set up on here.

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